A twitter keyword density report for #FOWA

Oct 03
A twitter keyword density report for #FOWA

So, now back on the Island after a very productive and enjoyable 2-day Future of Web Apps Conference in London.

Whilst I sit here in my front room sipping a glass of coke waiting for my Indian takeaway and thanking my stars that (as yet) I haven’t gone down with the FOWA Flu – I grabbed a copy of the Public Timeline courtesy of Elliott Kember (@elliottkember) and ran some keyword density applications against it to get a feel for the event and the emotions:

So, here are my results for everyone (Clicking should give you a larger version) :

Mood from FOWA

Mood from FOWA

Analysing the results, seems to show a trend that were as follows :

AM/PM Mood Swing

AM/PM Mood Swing


I’ve now pulled out the name data and produced a pie chart of the density of names/twitter ID’s :

Popularity at FOWA

Popularity at FOWA

Even from my attendance, the feel of the conference show seems to match the graphical data that I obtained out of the twitter data. I’ve produced this graph based on the chosen keywords and their date/time to give an overall idea.

Observed Points from FOWA

Wireless : Wireless was a big sore point from this conference. I certainly don’t blame Ryan and his team for this failure. They produced an excellent event over all and should be commended on what certainly is not an easy thing to pull together. Wireless for the event was provided by http://wifispark.com/ and they obviously had problems which they were unable to resolve during the event. The common complaint seems to be that there was a distinct lack of ‘honesty’ in terms of identifying the actual cause of the problem. I performed a few diagnostics myself from the laptop and there seemed to be a variety of problems, one of the main ones was DHCP not issuing IP addresses to all devices.

Whether this was a failure in the network configuration (not enough IP’s in the scope) or issues with the Access Points, there was certainly a problem which should/could have been avoided with proper load testing of the network and for me, trying to keep in touch with the office and my team was extremely difficult, sometimes impossible.

Speakers : Some of the speakers were excellent. Although my personal opinion is that there was definitely a feel of the recession affecting the conference this year.

Bruce Lawson (@brucel) and his HTML5 talk was simply amazing and has given *alot* to think about.

Robin Christopherson’s (@usa2day) talk about Accessibility and the Internet was both humbling and extraordinary. To see what he has to go through on a daily basis to view/visit facebook has made me re-consider web accessibility efforts.

Unfortunately for me the SixApart talk felt a bit like a sales pitch and as someone that used to use Pownce, I’m a bit loathed to use a service given the way that they shut down Pownce with little notice to their users.

I also felt that the Facebook speaker although spent a lot of time ‘gushing’ about how good the connect and translate service was, she didn’t give much in the way of hard ‘technical’ information that could have helped.

I could go on, but Ryan and the guys from Carsonified did an amazing job of putting this all on and I have met some brilliant people over the two days and all I can say is

Roll on FOWA ’10!!

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22 Responses to “A twitter keyword density report for #FOWA”

  1. cwcrawley says:

    My Initial Report on FOWA http://bit.ly/w4Dut Please RT and Comment. kthxbai x

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  2. FollowMeTools says:

    Please RT: A twitter keyword density report for #FOWA « Digital Meanderings: Even from my attendance,.. http://bit.ly/3kJ6yY

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  3. Benjamin Dyer says:

    An interesting write up. The graphs are pretty good and I agree matched my experiences.

    The WiFi was an epic failure, lets not forget this is a conference about web apps, the non existent wifi killed so many demos. I really felt sorry for the exhibitors, I know how much it costs to be at FOWA, its not cheap and connectivity is essential. I disagree about it not being Carsonifieds fault, I am afraid there was some potential mitigation that could have been put in place, for example, why wasn’t the speakers stand hard wired?

    I enjoyed the show, some great speakers, mixed with some average paid for slots. I am glad I grabbed an early bird ticket as the full price would have been twice as much as the real shows worth.

    Sorry if this sounds negative, I had a great time and once again learnt a lot, but last year I felt the UK had something to rival SXSW, sadly not this year.

    Roll on FOWA ’10, well maybe, possibly Le Web or The Next Web shows. We shall see.

  4. Ryan Carson says:

    Hey Carl,

    Thanks so much for those insightful graphs. My mood actually matched those graphs quite closely.

    I’m *very* sorry the wifi was un-usable on Day One. Wifispark really let us down on this, even though we were assured it would work correctly. We had no reason not to believe them as it worked great at FOWA 2007 when they did the job for us at the same venue.

    I think we’re going to raise our budget for internet access for next year’s show. We spent at least £2500 this year, and I guess we need to up that even more.

    Thanks for the writeup – really appreciate it! Look forward to seeing you next year.


  5. Carl Crawley says:

    Definitely agree with some of your points Ben – I felt sorry too for the exhibitors who could not demonstrate their systems as well as the speakers who tried to use Internet access for the demonstrations and quite frankly the failure of the Wireless will probably be an extremely long-standing memory above anything else during the event, which is a shame for Ryan and Carsonified.

    yes, I too managed to get an early bird slot and would have been extremely disappointed had I paid for a full ticket.

    I do think that Ryan and his team should certainly lead by the failure of wireless and properly plan the infrastructure for next year (with some serious investment in their Internet).

  6. Ryan Carson says:

    @ Benjamen

    I’m sorry you were let down by the show – that bums me out. I’d like to respond to one point though:

    “why wasn’t the speakers stand hard wired?”

    We did provide a hard line to the podium. We couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and it was super frustrating!

    Kind regards,

  7. Carl Crawley says:

    Hey Ryan – Many thanks for the comment!

    More than willing to help/chat and can offer my services/assistance for next year Ryan. I have set up Event Comms / Wifi at many sites across the UK and Europe (including those by the side of the Ocean) and am confident that we could work together for next year.

    My contact information is on the site – please feel free to drop me a message. I’d love to touch base some more and discuss some of my ideas.



  8. cwcrawley says:

    Reposting : My Initial Report on FOWA http://bit.ly/w4Dut Please RT and Comment. kthxbai x

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  9. Carl Crawley says:

    Hi Ryan – Interesting that even though the exhibitors were hard wired, they had problems. That would support my theory that the network simply got flooded by devices all wanting IP addresses and the network.

    Not sure how much you got told about the whole ‘iPhone’ supposed issue, but iPhones simply do a DHCP Boot request to get an IP address – so if the network couldn’t cope with that many requests, this is why the problem would have occurred.

    This is something that can be resolved by implementing a bigger/better hardware solution.

  10. Simon Starr says:

    Nice work on the graphs and I agree with your comments – some of the talks, especially on Thursday morning, were a bit like product pitches.

    Friday restored my faith in FoWA and Carsonfied though :)

  11. simonstarr says:

    #fowa was 17% awesome – a couple of nifty graphs made by @cwcrawley with young @elliottkember’s twitter data: http://bit.ly/w4Dut

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  12. Ryan Carson says:

    Thanks Carl – might get in touch.

  13. Carl Crawley says:

    HI Simon – Yes, Thurs PM and Friday restored my faith in the event.. it was a slow and shaky start, but a great finish.

    Thanks for the comment and the retweet!


  14. Benjamin Dyer says:


    Awesome that your following up on comments.

    Sorry I don’t want to sound negative, it was a great show, you and your team did a fab job – I really mean that. However I guess I was just frustrated, you set such high standards, it felt like the issues at last years show were forgotten.

    Nice Spotify playlist btw ;)

  15. Relly says:

    I am (being a copywriter and all) fascinated by the spread of words we use in groups, so you just made my favourite flavour of pie right there!

  16. Carl Crawley says:

    @Relly – Thanks for the comment,

    If I can obtain some more valuable information out of the data for you – feel free to drop me a tweet or email and I’ll do what I can.


  17. Geoff Cowan says:

    Good writeup, I’ll ignore the graphs for now, and concentrate on the event itself.

    Odd mix of talks, some were I agree awesome, truly inspiring and so on (the html5 stuff, the cloud, accessibility and the ranting American at the end). There was far far too much promotional filler, and to be blunt a circle-jerk going on with the core 2 or 3 (you know who you are).

    It seems to be a common failing at web/techy conferences to think that if you want to talk about the so-called social web, you have to cite Digg & Twitter as the key players. Apologies in advance (please don’t sue me Mr Rose), but I’ve heard the Digg talk so many times now, I could recite it word-for-word for half the fee they charge :-)

    The WiFi was epic fail full stop. The bullshit about iPhones was plane stupid, also with failing WiFi, turn off the HelloApp junk/spamming so that at least some of us could of got through to our emails/basecamps/etc.

    As event, for me though, it was awesome. Purely for the networking, which I guess at the end of the day is what it’s all about.

    10 out of 10 for respect to Ryan Carson for responding here (and I assume elsewhere on the interwebs). In the spirit of Strictly Come Dancing judges (or Dancing with the Stars for the rest of the world) – You’d get a “need to try a lot harder – 6 / 10″.

    Will I go next year? Unlikely.

  18. Dave Nattrisshe vi says:

    Just a smallish comment (in terms of scope) in case Ryan comes back to read this again – I’m a freelance dev. who just had an expo pass for FOWA 2008 (which was my first experience of a Carsonified event), and enjoyed the vibe and size of the event so much that I was quick to get earlybird tickets for both FOWD and FOWA this year.

    Regarding the wi-fi, it’s interesting to hear how much you spent. I was one of the organisers of the PHP UK Conference this year (http://www.phpconference.co.uk), held at Olympia Conference Centre. We spent £2,000 on our wireless access (with a bit more for the wired access for ourselves and speakers etc.), and had just under 400 people at the event (just over 300 delegates, plus speakers, exhibitors, ourselves etc.). We had a few complaints about the wi-fi (provided by Olympia’s regular connectivity partner), but generally it worked well for most people throughout the day as far as we know. Considering we had at least half as many people attending our event as yours, and it was only for a single day, I am not surprised your £2,500 essentially was nowhere near enough to work well for most people (assuming the wi-fi providers charge around the same amount). I personally could barely get any connectivity on Thursday, but it was much better on Friday, thankfully.

    In a way I suspect a major part of it was actually the fault of Apple/people using their products. Their exclusivity contract with O2 for the iPhone, which was obviously a popular device at the event, would have meant that the local O2 mobile cell for the venue would have easily got full and so users would have switched from trying to use their unlimited data phone contracts to the venue wi-fi, and thus overloading the network. Thankfully that shouldn’t be an issue next year as they’ve finally started allowing other networks to sell the device.

    Anyway, I’m hoping you’ll write a proper blog post about the event on Think Vitamin so we can comment on there instead of flooding craig’s blog post that was supposed to be just about the Twitter stuff.

    Lastly, most negative points about the event were pretty much forgotten during the Kevin and Gary show – that was truly memorable and I cannot wait to watch the full video of the event.

  19. Joel Hughes says:

    Great article and ditto what Geoff says, respect to Ryan for eating humble pie and getting involved and answering these concerns.

    The thing that get’s me is this: is FoWA 2009 the biggest event where people may use a lot of Wifi? I think not. Surely this is a solveable problem? Surely there are companies in London who can not only provide this service but have the packet monitoring and equipment monitory expertise to trouble shoot (& fix!) problems on the fly. Ryan must be quite rightly annoyed about this.

    Interesting mix of speakers.

    I’d have liked to have heard more from Kevin about the challenges Digg will be facing.

    The lady from Facebook was nice but not really techy enough for this event; I’m sure that presentation goes down well at Facebook meetups though.

    The marketing guy Alex gave the best presentation but, in fairness, this could have been equally delivered at FoWD (doesn’t bother me though, I’d go to both).

    In general though I’d like the event to leave the last slide of presentations on for longer so we can contact details etc.

    A great event and I’d recommend it attend again.


  20. Carl Crawley says:

    @David – Thanks for the post.

    Interesting to hear about your thoughts and feedback on the PHP conference.

    I’ve set up loads of wireless events systems over the years (including infrastructure for ISPs).

    I’ll start writing my next blog post next week which will be an ‘overview’ of events WiFi – I’ve been in touch with some really good people over the event and think it would be good to just put something together on some of the pitfalls I’ve come across with setting up event WiFi.

    @Joel – Thanks for the post and some interesting points.

  21. wez says:

    Insightful article about twitter keywords at #fowa http://tinyurl.com/ybrkok9 by @cwcrawley

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  22. robhampson says:

    Insightful article about twitter keywords at #fowa http://tinyurl.com/ybrkok9 by @cwcrawley (via @wez)

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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