Blog Action Day 08

Oct 15
Blog Action Day 08

Today is Blog Action Day.

Today, Everyone across the internet are focusing their posts and energies on one topic today : POVERTY.

The goals are a simple one : Awareness, Action and Change.

I’m not going to pretend that I understand poverty. I have never experienced it. I’ve never been hungry for more than a few hours (if that), I have never been put in the situation where I am too hot, too wet, too cold, too tired and been powerless to rectify it.

When I am sick, I have come to *expect* healthcare and when I’m down I have my group of friends and family around to get me through it and pull me out the otherside.

So, whats the point of this blog? What I’m doing is contributing to bring awareness to the world.

Nothing Else…. it’s a simple one really.

Hopefully I haven’t missed the point of Blog Action Day ’08 – Apologies if I have.

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2 Responses to “Blog Action Day 08”

  1. alex says:

    hi carl,

    good to see you taking part in blog action day… we did too at work and got some awesome posts, check it out –

    our blog project is still pretty much in its infancy but it would be great to hear what you think!

    keep up the good work…


  2. Carl Crawley says:

    Good work there!!


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