ClientSide Username Checking, EE and jQuery

Jul 27

As a follow-up to my previous tweet about jQuery form processing, one of the other jobs I needed for my last project was an ‘auto-check’ functionality whereby I could tell a user whether their chosen user name was available or not *before* they posted the form.

To do this, I simply used a custom/hidden template group/file, the {exp:query} tag and jQuery to pull it all together.

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jQuery and ExpressionEngine Form Processing

Jul 26

My First post since starting Hippo! Things have been chaotic with client work and just simply not had time!

Working on an EE site recently, I had to set up a multi-stage member signup process, whereby the user registered and then went through a series of different screens to fulfil a number of options.

Having tried the numerous suggested ways from twitter and the various plugins/addons which offer the answer (and failed) – I decided to switch to my trusty jQuery to accomplish the task.

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Pastures new and a rather large animal!

Mar 02

So finally it’s official. After over 3 years working at Mark Turner and Dame Ellen MacArthur’s OC Group as Group IT and Technology Manager, I have taken the decision to move away from ‘normal’ employment to start up my own Agency.

It was a difficult decision to make, helped by the board at OC, who I thank immensely for helping through the transition period and to whom I will continue to be working for as a consultant ongoing for their business technology and infrastructure support.

The business has had a lot of internal restructuring since when I originally started at the business and whilst I have supported the business through all of these transitions, I have become more of a ‘manager’ and less of a ‘doer’ – losing touch with technology and although I have led the business migration to ExpressionEngine for all our websites, I’ve not been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked in the pursuit of custom addons and development.

So, I’ve decided to start up my agency again. Over the last 6 months I’ve been providing the occasional ExpressionEngine and Ruby on Rails support to designers and developers all around the world who need outsource assistance and as well as taking on some of my own clients, I hope to be able to extend my relationships with more designers and developers to take on some development projects on their behalf.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you:

MultiLingual Websites in ExpressionEngine

Jan 06

The following article will show you one of the many ways that you can create a multilingual or country-specific site in ExpressionEngine to deliver content specific to each language/country.

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11 EE-Tastic ways to speed up your development

Nov 04

So, I’m going to assume that you all know what Expression Engine ExpressionEngine is and does – Originally built as a ‘blogging’ tool, it has quickly become a market leader in Content Management Systems and I not only use Expression Engine ExpressionEngine for all my freelance projects, but I’m also spearheading the adoption of it amongst my day-job, building enterprise level high traffic sites in the Framework.

I’ve decided finally that I should really get down in writing some of the techniques that I employ for the building of my Expression Engine ExpresionEngine websites. My last post raved about the recent ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter (EECI2009) conference that I attended in Leiden, Holland – if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you do! However, in the meantime here are my tips on minimising your development time and maximising your output. Read the rest of this entry »

EECI2009 Round Up

Oct 28

Just got back from an amazing few days in Leiden, Holland at the (hopefully) annual EECI Conference ‘EECI2009‘.

Thought I’d give my thoughts and feedback on the whole event in general with any comments.

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Building successful Events WiFi

Oct 12

Can you always guarantee that WiFi will work at events?

Sadly not. And the last 2 events I have attended have been testament to that.

Planning Wireless Internet access for a technology conference is probably one of the hardest things that anyone will have to do. Anywhere between 200 and 600 tech-savvy people all looking to use the web and its your name/face they associate with it.

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A twitter keyword density report for #FOWA

Oct 03

So, now back on the Island after a very productive and enjoyable 2-day Future of Web Apps Conference in London.

Whilst I sit here in my front room sipping a glass of coke waiting for my Indian takeaway and thanking my stars that (as yet) I haven’t gone down with the FOWA Flu – I grabbed a copy of the Public Timeline courtesy of Elliott Kember (@elliottkember) and ran some keyword density applications against it to get a feel for the event and the emotions:

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Spam Filtering and Email Junk 101

Aug 24

I’m always getting bombarded with people asking about Spam Filtering and what ‘settings’ have been changed due to the fact that their many ‘homegrown’ mailouts are going into peoples spam filters, so I’m trying this post to demystify and explain how the system all works and how you can do your bit to make sure your emails go into peoples inboxes, not spam/junk folder.

First, you need to understand that most spam filters work using an extremely complex mathematical formula called Bayesian Filtering.

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Working with Clients

Jun 04

In this industry (or any industry) is it ever acceptable to tell a client “no”?

Surely as professionals in our field, we should be given the credibility to advise/steer the client toward the correct path, but when gentle persuasion and nudging doesn’t work – should you give them an almighty shove in the right direction or is it time to cut your losses?

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